Tobogganing on the Tegernsee

If you are not skiing or cross-country skiing , then the toboggan guarantees you one thing:

Lots of fun.

It requires no great skill, can be enjoyed by everyone young and old, and is not expensive.

You will find probably the most exciting toboggan course on the Wallberg – this is the longest natural toboggan course in Germany with a length of 6.5 kilometres, and is located in the neighbouring village of Rottach-Egern.
If you do not have your own toboggan, you can hire one from the valley station.
The Wallberg lift will then carry you comfortably up to what is probably the best known viewing point of Tegernsee Valley.
On clear days you can see Munich from here. Before you embark on a 30-minute descent on your toboggan, you can fuel up with energy in the panorama restaurant.

All around the lake there are other beautiful natural tobogganing courses which, however, can only be reached on foot and are not quite as long as the natural tobogganing course on the Wallberg.

A special highlight is night-time tobogganing on the Klamm, which is organized in January and February on the illuminated natural tobogganing course by the Kreuth Toboggan Club.

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